What we do

Our Core Expertise

At PHOENIX EXECUTIVE we explore the world. Located in the heart of Europe’s capital, our research gives you access to talents across the continents. Our mission is uncovering talent worldwide. We are solution focused – working together to achieve search success.

Full Search Process

Our 50+ years combined experience and expertise gives us a unique strength to bridge continents and find the right candidates.
With a solid reputation for efficient, accurate and high quality work we ensure the success of our clients’ projects. Our team thrives on achieving, both for our clients and the talented people we discover across the world. Located in the heart of Europe’s capital, our research gives you access to talent across the globe. Our mission is uncovering talent worldwide.

Women on Board

We are passionate about diversity and equality regarding mix of genders, races, ethnicities and ages. This is why we have decided to work with Forté Foundation to create a database for Global Board Ready Women (GBRW).
The GBRW initiative has been created some years ago and 8000 women at international level across industries, sectors and continents have been vetted and screened. This has led to an amazing database of 4000 women who all have the experience, the stamina, the will and the wisdom to inspire organisations across the globe. 4000 Board Ready Women can make a difference to any organisation and will help companies to grow in a sustainable, gender and diversity friendly way.


Have you taken care of your succession planning? Many companies turn to us for market knowledge in a specific field or market mapping for future hiring needs.
We provide the creation of talent pools and competitive analysis. Our mappings have been used at C-suite and Board level as a decisive tool to ensure succession planning.
Our mappings provide an in-depth understanding of the current market for companies who wish to know how their competitors are organised.
Our mappings are seen as valuable measurements to guide organisations for making the right decisions from top to bottom.
Our mappings are your road to a happy and successful change and transformation process.
At the end of the day with our mappings you are definitely one step ahead.
Be smart and call us now.

Market Intelligence

Do you need relevant market information for the purpose of confident decision-making in determining market opportunities ?
We can provide you with market intelligence on main players – including insights into structure, product & market focus, and key functional roles. We work with you to determine the criteria to include so that hiring clients can leverage this information for strategic decision making.


Restructuring is often a complex and difficult process performed in companies across all industry sectors. When the situation arises, steps for an effective execution of an outplacement plan need to be taken.
We assist people who have lost their jobs by providing retraining and outplacement services. Our outplacement services encompass the following steps :
– Motivational support and guidance until a new job or personal action plan has been found
– Definition of goals
– Training and coaching : in building a job prospecting action plan, in finding relevant information on the labour market, in learning of writing a cover letter or a CV, in preparing for interviews and for assessment sessions, in analyzing job offers and more.