Forté Foundation

Our Partnership

As of May 2018 PHOENIX EXECUTIVE is joining forces with the Forté Foundation in the United States, to ensure more women on Board.

The GBRW (Global Board Ready Women) initiative has been created by Candace Johnson and she has personally seen to it that over 8000 women at international level across industries, sectors and continents have been vetted and screened. This has led to an amazing database of 4000 women who all have the experience, the stamina, the will and the wisdom to inspire organisations across the globe.

4000 Board Ready Women can make a difference to any organization and will help companies to grow in a sustainable, gender and diversity friendly way.

We are excited to be able to play a key part in this inspiring initiative, making a positive impact for our and next generations, to ensure that on each company Board there is a good female representation. We are proud to be part of a positive change movement.

As Winston Churchill once said : “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

PHOENIX EXECUTIVE will take the executive search leadership role for EMEA on this. As such, search and corporate companies can contact us directly for the need to fulfill a Board role. We will partner with you to find you the perfect candidate based on your specific criteria.

Vera Klaus
+ 32 495 329 162

Christine Heeger
+32 472 609 794