Our Expertise

At PHOENIX EXECUTIVE we explore the world.  Located in the heart of Europe’s capital, our research gives you access to talent across the continents.  Our mission is uncovering talent worldwide. We are solutions focused - working together to achieve search success.

Our Core Expertise

Desk Research/Target Listing

Getting the Target List right is key to a successful outcome.  We work with you to determine on-target companies, where – based on our wide experience – the best candidates are most likely to be found. 


Identification research ranges from producing organigrams to focusing on specialist experience and essential candidate requirements.

PHOENIX EXECUTIVE's Identification promises are:

  • Unlocking complex structures and reporting lines
  • Methodology & order - clear briefing & deliverables
  • Vast industry, market and functional expertise
  • On-time delivery of results
  • Reliability & quality - every time!
  • Creative problem solving

Direct Approach

Our Direct Approach guarantee:

  • Professional, intelligent & confidential contact with candidates
  • Regular & informative reporting
  • Sharing knowledge and insights
  • Responsible & flexible management of multi-country projects

Other Services

Research Training

Do you want to upgrade the skills of your Research staff or improve your Consultants’ understanding of the research process?

PHOENIX EXECUTIVE offers 1 or 2 days introductory or longer in-depth courses in Executive Research, as well as refresher courses for previous attendees.

Why not give Vera a call to find out how PHOENIX EXECUTIVE can tailor research training to your team’s skills and experience level.

Vera: +32.2.541.14.46

Organisational Mapping & Talent Pipelining

More and more often clients ask us to map out industry sectors or individual companies in specific geographical areas.  The resulting mapping is used as market information for hiring clients’ talent pipeline, and not necessarily for a current vacancy.

Vera will be happy to inform you of the varied functional and industry sector mapping projects we have successfully completed recently.

Vera: +32.2.541.14.46

Language Skills Assessment

Do you have strong language skills to assess the level of fluency of your short listed candidates?  PHOENIX EXECUTIVE does.  Trained native speakers can evaluate candidates in all key European languages for the following criteria: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Call Christine to find out how the European Language Portfolio enables PHOENIX EXECUTIVE to provide a consistent and comparable method of language assessment.

Christine: +32.2.541.14.42

Competitor Analysis

A clear understanding of your competition is vital to the success of any business.  PHOENIX EXECUTIVE can provide you with market intelligence on your top competitors - including insights into their structure, product & market focus, and key functional roles.  We work with you to determine the criteria to include so that hiring clients can leverage this information for strategic decision making.

Christine +32.2.541.14.42

Reference Checking

Put your trust in our integrity.  Where confidentially is a priority, clients rely on PHOENIX EXECUTIVE to conduct reference checking.  We confirm whether candidates’ experience and achievements are comparable in reality and on paper.   

Christine +32.2.541.14.42

Salary Benchmarking

We research compensation structures in industry sectors or geographic markets which may be unfamiliar to you, in order to assist you in making the most appropriate offer to attract top talent.
Christine +32.2.541.14.42

Executive Coaching


We provide executive coaching to senior professionals looking to make changes in their careers.

Vera: +32.2.541.14.46