Hospices of Hope

12 June 2015

Vera writes about a cause close to her heart:

Yesterday evening I have had the privilege to attend an exceptional dinner with the founder of Hospices of Hope, which was hosted by the Romanian ambassador in Brussels at his residence.

Graham Perolls is one of those remarkable people who is thoroughly good and kind. He literally lives and works each day of his life for the greater good and has made it his task and responsibility that he can give children and adults a chance to spend the last months of their live in dignity, but foremost in warmth and loving care.

Having lost his parents in the early 90’s and being tremendously grateful for the kind hospice they could spend their last days in the UK, he noticed that this basically does not exist at all in SEE.

For Graham this was unheard of and he created Hospices of Hope, www.hospicesofhope.co.uk

Hospices of Hope is the leading palliative care charity in South Eastern Europe. They believe that everyone deserves the best possible care at the end of life. But in developing countries like Romania, Serbia or Moldova, many patients still die in pain without being offered any physical, spiritual or emotional comfort.

While listening to his story and watching the moving little film he projected, my heart raced and I had difficulties holding back my tears.

Can you imagine that one person you love so much and was diagnosed with a terminal illness and having to die without morphine to ease the pain, without a loving hand to hold.

Can you imagine your child being that child in a country which is not yet developed and not being able to receive the right treatment on time, or no chemotherapy.

Can you imagine the pain to all those who are being touched by this.

And then imagine the joy, the wonder, the miracle that there is somewhere you can go to, there is a place created where there is trained medical staff, where volunteers come and play with the children, where volunteers read a story to a teenage boy, where volunteers come and talk with that elderly lady about the beauty of the past.

We all die, but we all deserve to die in dignity with someone present who really cares.

Today is a beautiful summer day. Most of us will take advantage and spend some time on a terrace, drinking wine, have a nice lunch or dinner with friends, lovers, family. And rightfully so, enjoy life while you can.

I would like to ask you though:

Can I ask of you, to spend the same amount of money you spend tonight on wine and dinner on this charity.


Can I ask of you to spend the same amount of money you spend on that new summer dress on Hospice of Hope.

Can I ask of you to spend the same amount of money you spend on those new shoes on Hospice of Hope.

Can I ask of you to make the smallest donation you can afford. Every little euro helps.

This euro takes the pain away of hundreds of children and adults.

Thanks for giving them their dignity.

IBAN: GB53 MIDL 4005 1559 1263 48


Hospice of Hope Romania Limited

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